On Catholic Education (Part 2)

Posted by - February 23, 2019

What is the purpose of Catholic education? The most basic response to this question is to form people in their Catholic faith and to prepare them to live out their call to Christian discipleship. This response treats Catholic education as a catechetical exercise.  That is, its focus is primarily on persons who are already baptized

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On Catholic Education (Part 1)

Posted by - February 16, 2019

This time of year is usually set aside to honor Catholic Education and to encourage families to send their children to Catholic Schools. A lot of schools register students for the next school year in March, so publicizing Catholic schools a month or so before is a reminder to parents to register their children. I

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On science, magic and so on Part 3

Posted by - February 9, 2019

The famous science fiction author, Arthur C. Clarke, once wrote that “Any technology that is sufficiently advanced, seems like magic to earlier generations.” Both magic and technology are exercises of power to better control the environment and our ability to function in that environment. Science is presented as practical and concrete in its focus on

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On science, magic and so on Part 2

Posted by - February 3, 2019

When you live in such a frightening world and the stories that help you understand that world are filled with demons, ghosts, vampires and witches, all of whom have the ability to do you harm, it is not surprising if you are more than a little suspicious of anyone who might be linked to these

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On science, magic and so on Part 1

Posted by - January 27, 2019

I was a middle age adult in 1997 when the first Harry Potter book was published. Even though I was an adult and supposed to be serious minded, I enjoyed “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” very much. I was hooked on the magical world of this literary eleven-year-old. Since then I have read every

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Importance of Truth (Part 3)

Posted by - January 20, 2019

As I explained earlier, natural law assumes that God is the ultimate source of the laws of nature.  As the author of the laws of nature, these laws reveal something of God’s will to us. When trying to understand natural law, Aquinas and the theologians of his day examined the laws of nature as they

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Importance of Truth (Part 2)

Posted by - January 12, 2019

The question that is still being debated is what has caused the climate change that we are now experiencing? One theory is that it is part of a long-term cycle in the climate of the planet. Over the centuries the climate varies and shifts, so that what is now desert was once a lush forest

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Importance of truth (Part 1)

Posted by - January 5, 2019

Recently the UN held a conference in Poland on the need to move away from fossil fuels and toward energy sources that are less damaging to the environment. At the same time scientists are talking about record high temperatures in the Arctic, which are devastating our polar ice caps and over the next few years

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Screwtape integrity and other thoughts

Posted by - December 30, 2018

C.S. Lewis was a British professor at Magdalene College in Cambridge University during the 1930’s through the 1960’s. Though he is probably remembered more for his role as an author, than as a professor of English Literature. His major contribution to literature was a series of fantasy books on the magical land of Narnia. He

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Posted by - December 23, 2018

A Christmas theme that has always fascinated me is the Bethlehem innkeeper who encounters Joseph and a very pregnant Mary looking for a place to stay after traveling some 90 miles from Nazareth on a donkey. It is such a powerful image. It is easy to portray the innkeeper as a cold-hearted villain who ignores

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