Donation for 2 New A/C Units for Mt. Carmel Cathedral

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Bishop Ryan Jimenez accepted the donation checks from US Delegate Gregorio (Kilili) C. Sablan, Saipan Stevedore Company, Inc., and Saipan Shipping Co., Inc., for the acquisition of 2 (two) new air-conditioning units (10 tons each) for Mt. Carmel Cathedral. Each unit costs approximately, $10,880.00. Saipan Stevedore paid for the full cost of 1 unit while Saipan Shipping and Mr. Gregorio C. Sablan made generous donations toward the purchase of the second unit. Included in the photos are Michael T. Demapan, General Manager, Saipan Stevedore; Lee C. Cabrera, Assistant Manager, Saipan Stevedore; Juan S. Tenorio, President, Saipan Shipping; Michael P. Tenorio and US Delegate Gregorio C. Sablan. Also receiving on behalf of Mt. Carmel Cathedral are Fr. Harold Funa, Rector and Sr. Emma Lusterio, SJBP.

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