Glimpses of Mother Margarita Maturana’s Spirituality – in her own words

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“The knowledge of Christ absorbs and fills me with joy.”

“Let us not allow the sun to set on our lives without having done something big, very big for Christ.”

“Love finds a solution to all problems.”

“There are moments in our lives of the greatest importance, such as when God indicates the road He wishes us to follow and then leaves it up to our will to make the decision.”

“The harvest is great but the laborers are few.” Hear this, those of you who feel the world is small and incapable of satisfying your desires.”

“Let us share our joy, our efforts, our spiritual vigor, with everyone who comes close to us.”

“When souls are crying out for the bread of the divine word, we must go to give it to them, overcoming difficulties, dangers, fears and even failures.”

“To work for the missions, to try to extend the kingdom of Christ in souls is to enter into a kind of partnership with the Redeemer of the world.”

“I am eager to meet generous men and women…”

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