Bear Fruit

Posted by - May 17, 2019

Mango is in season nowadays here in Guam as you see mango trees especially in the south bedecked with fruits ready for picking, in fact there was mango festival there. To bear fruit among other things means to be productive from what you’re engaged in, to deliver good results from your task, make good of

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Posted by - May 12, 2019

A ship ran aground off the Italian coast in 2012 killing 32 people. The Captain abandoned the ship.  A Greek luxury liner Oceanus sank off the coast of Africa in 1991. The Captain and crew members left the ship. A ship captain got 36 years for deserting a Korean Ferry. A Dutch Admiral chose to

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What’s Your Identity?

Posted by - May 4, 2019

People identify us in different perceptions and perspectives. Each of us is unique and unduplicated, even twins are not exactly the same only identical. You are you and that’s how God created you.      Consider this story shared by somebody. A girl in the neighborhood often attracted the attention of the people wherever she went

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Today is the Feast of the Divine Mercy

Posted by - April 28, 2019

In her Dairy no. 699, Sister Faustina wrote Jesus words regarding the Feast of the Divine Mercy; “My image is already in your soul. I desire that there be a Feast of Mercy. I want this image which you will paint with a brush, to be solemnly celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter; that

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Posted by - April 20, 2019

It is a story told and re-told over the centuries and never loses steam and substance because it is a true story told firsthand by Jesus’ close friends, Mary of Magdala, Peter and the disciple whom Jesus loved.  It’s a joyous and salvific event crowning the Holy Week’s episode of Jesus’ passion and death on

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Posted by - April 13, 2019

Someone shared the story about a manager who challenged his employees during their beach party that whoever can swim across the crocodile infested river will receive $1 million cash, or if he/she won’t succeed, the next of kin will get it. Right away someone was seen swimming fast tailed by crocodiles and as soon as

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Posted by - April 8, 2019

Someone shared the story about a frog wanting to climb up to the top of the well to see the light, but  the other frogs discouraged him shouting; “ It’s impossible, forget about it, you won’t make it. “ He climbed anyway and reached the top. How? Why? The frog was deaf. On this Fifth

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Lent a Desert Journey

Posted by - March 30, 2019

I have seen vast tracts of desert lands in Israel, Jordan and Egypt, extending as far as your eyes can see. They look refined and clean externally to say the least, but underneath their landscape dwell venomous snakes, scorpions and other deadly animals ready to strike on intruders of their territory. Beware of the devil

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Posted by - March 23, 2019

Can a blind guide another blind? No. Will not both fall into a pit? Yes. We need sight first before guiding others. You’re a blind guide seeing someone’s fault but not your own. You’re a blind guide talking behind someone while friendly with same person. Being out all night in casino or slot machine will

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Posted by - March 17, 2019

The Devil’s Way:  In Genesis, the serpent tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden: “God knows that if you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God knowing good an devil.” (Gen. 3:5). It’s a kind of temptation “to be like God”, not in

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