Significant Dates In The Life Of Blessed Margarita Maria Maturana

•    July 25, 1884 Maria Pilar Lopez de Maturana and her twin sister, Leonor, were born in Bilbao, Spain.
•    January 10, 1901 she entered the boarding school of Berriz.
•    January 25, 1903 she joined the Mercedarian monastery of the “Vera Cruz” of Berriz.
•    August 15, 1904 she made her first vows and on August 28, 1907 she made her solemn vows.
•    In 1906 she began to work at the school and on March 19, 1920 she founded the Mercedarian Missionary Youth
•    January 23, 1926 the Congregations for Religious and that of the Propagation of the Faith, authorized the nuns of Berriz to establish houses in mission countries.
•    The first missionary expeditions arrived to:
China – November  5, 1926
Saipan – March  4, 1928
Japan- September 23, 1928
Pohnpei – November  11, 1928
•    May 23, 1930 the Congregation for Religious approved the transformation of the Mercedarian Monastery of Berriz into a missionary institute.
•    August 14, 1930 the first Constitutions of the Institute were approved and on July 30, 1931 Mother Margarita was elected Superior General.
•    July 23, 1934 she died in San Sebastian in the Province of Guipuzcoa.
•    July 30, 1943 in the Diocese of Vitoria (Spain) the Diocesan Informative Process for her cause of canonization began.
•    January 28, 1965 began the Apostolic Process.
•    March 16, 1987 Mother Margarita was declared Venerable by Pope John Paul II.
•    September 26, 2000 began the Diocesan Interrogatory Process in Mexico City concerning a possible miracle.
October 22, 2006 Mother Margarita was beatified- – declared “Blessed” in the Cathedral of Santiago in her home town of Bilbao.

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