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Can a blind guide another blind? No. Will not both fall into a pit? Yes. We need sight first before guiding others. You’re a blind guide seeing someone’s fault but not your own. You’re a blind guide talking behind someone while friendly with same person. Being out all night in casino or slot machine will not convince anyone to stop gambling. With your cigarette and bottle on your table is powerless to tell your son to quit smoking or drinking. You preach forgiveness but hate somebody? “Blind guides! Says the Lord, “ you strain out a gnat and swallow the camel.” (Mt. 23:24).

Envy blinds us to appreciate the good done by others. Mean character blinds one to be kind. Greed blinds us to be generous. Arrogance blinds us to be humble and understanding. Lack of faith blinds us to trust God. Some get easily upset and critical about anything but don’t even contribute for the common good.

On the reverse, we’re a sighted guide leading good example. We’re a sighted guide seeing our mistakes first before gossiping. We’re a sighted guide leading our family to Mass. We’re a sighted guide being patient in long lines, avoiding offensive words, advocating for peace and unity. We’re a sighted guide following traffic signs. We’re a sighted guide respecting our parents, the elderly and others. We’re a sighted guide giving way to persons with disability and tolerant of the weak and sickly. We’re a sighted guide showing mercy and compassion to the suffering. We’re a sighted guide being generous and charitable. We are a sighted guide practicing the disciple of thanksgiving to God.

If there’s someone who can lead us from blindness to sight, she is Mary our Blessed Mother. She’ll show us that the way to Jesus is love. She’ll guide our mind and heart to focus on Jesus’ boundless mercy and forgiveness despite our sins and dark past. When we stop plucking out the splinters from people’s eyes and begin to see them with the eyes of the merciful Savior, then we turn to be sighted guides. Our world is packed with spiritual and moral blindness and parked with worn-out carts of homeless and hungry people. Mercy called us and sent us to be part of the healing hands of Jesus.

On the flip side, someone said that what you have is not by luck or chance, but God’s favor and grace. Open your heart to Him in every circumstance, because when He enters your life, miracles happen. He will not bless a relationship he is not involved in. Never substitute the pleasure of pleasing people over the pleasure of pleasing God. Never doubt what prayer can do. Pray to have the eyes to see the best in people. Anyone can find the dirt in someone, be the one to find the gold. If you’re praying about it, God is working on it. Great blessings tell you of the great battle you’ve won. Being like Christ is our calling. Amen on that folks!!  

St. Faustina wrote Jesus’ words; “True greatness of the soul is in loving God and in humility.” (Diary 427).

Pray the Divine Mercy every 3 pm. And pray the Chaplet of Mercy and the Holy Rosary for peace in our families and the world.

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