“Your Attitude Will Determine Your Altitude”


Your attitude will always determine your altitude as you can be whatever you want to be in America. While many in other parts of the world are hindered by conditions beyond their control having the right attitude can still make all the difference in a person living a moral en- lightened and successful life or living an ill-moral life full of mischief ignorance and failures. Your attitude is vital to your life on earth which is why we introduce competition during our formative years to develop a healthy life style and for our youth to develop the right attitude needed to achieve success in life. But just like Adam and Eve we still have the power of “decision” to choose. Some people simple choose to have the right or good attitude all of their life and others choose to or mistakenly develop the wrong or bad attitude. The sad part is that too many of those with the wrong attitude know they have the wrong attitude and yet they continue with the same wrong behavior for whatever reason they can rationalize in their minds.

But we are all born pure as snow with the right attitude and the desire to only do good and right totally absent of the evils of prejudices, biasness and ill-intent. But our attitudes grow and change once we have eaten the fruit of our teachings and surroundings which makes it a real challenge to maintain the right attitude every day and in every way of our life. This is why we need GOOD food from God every Sabbath to re-energize our attitudes and to keep us strong morally. We are all imperfect and weak in our flesh needing God’s help to conquer the moral and spiritual challenges of this life and this world. Just think about it, many of the people who go to church on Sunday have a totally different attitude on Monday and it shouldn’t be that way. It is so easy to forget on Monday what the Holy Fathers have taught us on Sunday. The sad part is too many don’t even go to Mass unless it’s “election season and or a matiai” or a special day like the Fiesta, Easter and Christmas. So many people hardly ever get food for their attitudes which needs to eat just like our physical body needs food and they don’t have a clue of what their attitude should be like every day of the week.

We should all maintain the right attitude and keep it nourished if we truly want to reach the higher altitudes of life on earth and the expectations of our God.

An Original Poem By: Ambrose M. Bennett

“A Pearl or Just Sand”

Pearls are made from a grain of sand
Causing pain and suffering to the oyster making its stand We are much like oysters as babies in this world
But we can change the quality of our developing pearls

An oyster makes good and bad pearls from a grain of sand The sand cuts and causes pain before harvest by man’s hands As youth we learn to make pearls both good and bad
But our pearls are deeds that can make people happy or sad

Your teachings and attitude will determine your type of pearls An there is no fooling God about your life in this old world You can produce both good and bad pearls in your life
But the good pearls will only come through good and sacrifice

Good pearls are formed from gratitude fortitude and the desire to do right

But a bad pearl is formed from evil and wrong in God’s holy sight Producing a good pearl is a blessing that you should want to last But producing a bad pearl can only be a deadly and short lived fad

You can really be what your attitude wants you to be
So do all you can to produce good pearls for Thee
We all know what’s really a good or a bad pearl
So why bother or waste your time with the ugliness of this world

What kind of pearls will you produce during your life span
Will it be God’s holy pearls or the Devil’s worthless grains of sand Life is short and you don’t have a lot of time
So the right attitude for good pearls should constantly be on your mind!

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