World Mission Sunday 2017

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World Mission Sunday, promoted by the Society of the Propagation of the Faith, is a day set aside for Catholics worldwide to recommit themselves to the Church’s missionary activity through prayer and sacrifice. In his message earlier this year, Pope Francis said: “World Mission Day is a good opportunity for enabling the missionary heart of Christian communities to join in prayer, testimony of life and communion of goods, in responding to the vast and pressing needs of evangelization.”

This year, World Mission Sunday will be celebrated on October 22, 2017. On this day, Catholics in the United States are encouraged to give generously to support the funding requirement of the Catholic Church in the Missions. As one of the mission dioceses throughout the world, our Diocese receives regular annual assistance from the funds collected, which we will then use to fund our various programs and activities.

In solidarity with the Catholic faithful in the United States, each parish is encouraged to conduct a 2nd collection on all masses on October 22, 2017 (including anticipated Sunday masses on October 21, 2017). All collections will be remitted to the Society of the Propagation of the Faith.


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