“The Good & Bad Fault Finder”

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By Pastor L. O. Taylor & Ambrose M. Bennett

Finding fault is a natural hu- man phenomenon that we can’t help because it is in our nature to get things right or to have things our way. We often look at things and people just so we can determine if the person is OK or the thing is right. It is not to say that finding fault is bad all the time but it can become an obsession if you are not careful which can drive others around you crazy. Fault finding is biggest in families especially when one wants to control another’s des- tiny. Fault finding can tear families apart, ruin a job, loose a friend, and even break up marriages. The key to fault finding is being a Good Fault Finder in every way with the intent of doing Good!

There are bad fault finders who don’t really care and won’t do anything good for you or the world they just find faults that they can unfurl in an ugly fashion. Their purpose for finding fault is never driven to help and mostly done just to satisfy them- self. So if you are finding fault know that it is easy to find but make sure you mean good because God Don’t like Ugly. Be nice and be good with your fault finding of your fellow man because it is sometimes needed to make a stand. Your boss is supposed to find fault so don’t get mad and do your job to avoid being jobless and sad. Parents are good fault finders who are very protective and with only one objective to keep their child safe and to raise their child in the best way they can. Parents find fault to protect and raise their child so they don’t ever have to worry about talking to a Detective after a while. Priest and Pastors are heaven sent fault finders to help us overcome our own bad thoughts so we should listen because the advice they are giving is not store bought but comes straight from the BoSS.

The Bad Fault Finders

By Pastor L. O. Taylor & Ambrose M. Bennett

The easiest thing and about the first thing anyone can find is fault
So about the easiest thing people can do is be a fault finder
When the bad folks start finding fault it is so easy for them to do
But you can bet they don’t have a solution for you
If you say anything good or in praise of someone or something
They will find fault and make up stuff over virtually nothing
You can’t explain or make them understand or accept the reality of truth
They just want to find fault so they can throw an insulting rock at you
The Bad Fault Finders are a dime-a-dozen and worth about the same
They don’t care about the Priest’s messages just want people to be ashamed
But to a degree bad fault finders are needed just for proof
to do to teach our children how non
Bad Fault finders can be found almost everywhere
But the good and objective people don’t really care
Most people are smart with common sense and know what to do
They don’t give bad fault finders a chance and will never follow through
So if you are a bad fault finder who can only find fault
You may be alone because People are smarter than you ever thought
So be a Good Fault Finder who can find fault to truly help
Because being an ugly Fault Finder is not constructive and doesn’t help no one else
It’s the Good Fault finders who gives God Joy
Because they are finding fault to make life better and not to destroy

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