More on Catholic Social Teaching (CST 102)

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In last week’s introductory column to Catholic Social Justice teaching, we learned that we are persons in relationship to 1) God, and 2) each other. We are free agents and not robots. We obey with the full freedom of our wills and hearts, not blindly.

So how do we show justice to God and to others? What IS justice, anyway?

Justice is the virtue which consists in the constant and firm will to give God and neighbors their due. (Catechism of the Catholic Church

In other words, to be just is to give to God what we owe God (such as our devotion)

and to give others what we owe them (our respect and consideration)

Besides basic needs and fair treatment, what else is due to each person?

The Ten Commandments are humanity’s first written guidelines on how to live well with others:

Don’t steal, don’t lie about others; don’t be jealous of goods or persons. It’s a start towards understanding how to live peacefully and justly with others.

Next week– we will get more into the varieties of forms of justice. Stay tuned for Part 3 in our series…


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