Guidelines for Liturgical Ministers

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Sr. Nina Caccam, SJBP spoke with some of the CCD catechists of San Isidro and San Francisco de Borja in Rota last weekend in preparation for the upcoming new CCD school year.

Since the beginning of the implementation of the diocesan plan this year, the members of the Worship Commission have been meeting and reviewing guidelines on liturgical celebrations.  Below is a list of guidelines that have been presented to the clergy, to the “first responders” of each parish at two meetings this summer at the Maturana House of Prayer.

These guidelines have been approved for implementation by Bishop Ryan Jimenez.  All parishes are requested to follow these guidelines beginning Monday, September 10, 2018.

On Mass Intentions

  • All Mass intentions should be read by the commentator before the start of the mass. Name of the deceased person/s  being offered in the intention will be mentioned by the presider within the mass in the ‘Commemoration of the Dead’.
  • Parish Mass Coordinators should inform family members offering Mass(es) of the policy on mentioning the name of the deceased only on 1st & 9th day of death anniversaries daily for the first nine days of a recent death.

On Liturgical Music

  • We recognize the importance of devotional songs at Mass, such as Tuesday’s song for San Antonio, Monday’s song for San Vicente or any Marian song on weekdays.  However, it is also important to sing appropriate liturgical songs that are reflective of the day’s solemnity or feastday.  Thus, we encourage the singing of devotional songs only on the first week of the month and make use of the day’s feast in selecting music for liturgical celebrations.
  • Songs should not end abruptly or without lyrical sense. It should fade ‘carefully’. 

Universal Prayer

  • Universal Prayer – “We pray” should be used instead of “We pray to the Lord” so as to avoid the redundancy of praying: We pray to the Lord… Lord, hear our prayer.” Every parish is encouraged to include a daily universal prayer at weekday Mass.

Some Practical Considerations

  • In the event there are no altar servers to hold the book(s), it is encouraged for every parish to have presider’s stand placed at the presidential chair rather than using the altar for the liturgy of the word.
  • Order of Offertory – Bread & Wine comes first before collection basket and other gifts.
  • Parishes may consider having uniforms for All Liturgical Ministers (Servers, Lector, Eucharistic Ministers, Choir…)
  • Proper training & commissioning of all Liturgical Ministers should be observed.


  • Choir members may receive Communion first before singing communion song or on occasion when there’s a large choir, the first half of the members would alternate in receiving communion.
  • A ‘quiet time’ after Communion should be observed.
  • It is suggested that the “Act of Spiritual Communion Prayer” will no longer be prayed over the microphone – reason: it is a personal prayer for those who cannot receive Holy Communion; therefore, it is not a communal prayer. Recommendation: flash it on the screen or make a pamphlet in the pews

Devotion to the Blessed Mother

Offering of Flowers for the Blessed Mother for the Entire Month of Mary.  Beginning in May 2019, the offering of flowers to the Blessed Mother will be done immediately after the rosary or novena.  There will be a moment of silence before Mass begins.  Proper liturgical songs will be used at the Eucharistic celebration.

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