Administration, faculty, and students posed with the elderly and staff at the Rota Man Amko’ Center after the students serenaded for them as part of Catholic Schools Week activities.

ESFDB Kick-Off Catholic Schools Week

By: Edward C. Maratita, Jr.

Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service is the theme this year for Ntional Catholic Schools Week.

To celebrate this year’s theme and Catholic education, Eskuelan San Francisco de Borja have a slate of activities planned for Catholic Schools Week, which kick-off this past Sunday, January 29 with a Eucharistic celebration and will run through Saturday, February 4.

Catholic Education built on “Communities of Faith, Knowledge, and Service” is the key attraction for parents looking for an alternative to public school education.

Eskuelan San Francisco de Borja along with Mount Carmel School and Sister Remedios Early Childhood Development Center on Saipan and along with the rest of the nation will commemorate that experience with National Catholic Schools Week.

“Our school shares the same mission as any other Catholic schools. Our goal is to support the parents in their children’s education. We want to assist them in any way we can. We are about reinforcing our faith and good moral character, and building virtues,” said administrator/principal Carmen H. Atalig.

Atalig thought it was a great theme for 2017 because it is a focus of Catholic schools and the community we live in.

“We are more community-oriented here in Rota,” Atalig added.   “It is what we are about.”

Atalig further stated, “The biggest benefit we are able to offer our students is the individual attention. Every day we get to practice our faith and the children can have God in their life.”

“I believe Catholic education is successful because we get to bring God into every class subject,” student council president Jeremy John Atalig, II said. “ESFDB focuses on the student’s soul and their personal relation with Jesus as well as their intellect.”

Student council vice president Marvin Clitar shared his thoughts and said, “Catholic education is important. Parents sacrifice a great deal to send their children to Catholic schools and so we encourage them through our prayers and support.”

Eskuelan San Francisco de Borja has prepared a full week of events that are aligned with Catholic Schools Week theme for each week. On Sunday, Jan. 29: Theme “In Our Parish” – Kick-Off Catholic School Week. Mass at San Isidro Church @ 8:30 am, Roadside Waving; Monday, Jan. 30: Theme “In Our Community”   – Student will be serenading at the Man Amko’ Center and homebound. Students will pick up trash at various designated locations; Tuesday, Jan. 31: Theme “Celebrating Our Students”- Recognizing student academic achievements and the benefits of Catholic Education. Student’s academic and religious competition; Wednesday, Feb. 1: Theme “Celebrating the Nation”- Elected Leaders to talk about the value of Catholic Education and contributions in their role in preparing students to be good citizens; Thursday, Feb. 2: Theme “Celebrating Vocations”- Priest or nuns to talk about vocations. Friday, Feb. 3: Theme “Celebrating Faculty, Staff, and volunteers”       – Culmination.

“STUCO and class adviser Edward C. Maratita, Jr. said, “It comes at a perfect time as enrollment draws near. It is nice to take a week out and highlight what a Catholic school education has to offer.”

“We need to show how Catholic schools produce students strongly dedicated to their faith, values, families and communities by providing an intellectually stimulating environment that is also rich in spiritual character and moral development,” added Maratita.

National Catholic Schools Week is an annual celebration of Catholic education in America. It has been a yearly tradition since 1974.

The administration and faculty would like to extend their appreciation to the parents, legal guardians, alumni’s, volunteers, benefactors, and donors who had helped shaped Eskuelan San Francisco de Borja as one of the finest Catholic education institution in our beloved and faithful Luta community. Thank You, Un Sen Dangkulo na Si Yu’us Ma’ase, Maraming Salamat Po, and God Bless! Happy Catholic Schools Week!


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