Diocese Revised CCD Admission Policy, Introduced RCIA

Sr. Nina Caccam, SJBP

As the new CCD school year begins in the Fall, the Diocese of Chalan Kanoa will implement its revised CCD admission policy. It will also introduce for the first time a diocesan policy for RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults).

During the clergy meeting last July 25, 2017 at Maturana House of Prayer, Sr. Nina Caccam, SJBP, the Director of the Office of Religious Education, explained to the pastors/parish administrators that the revised policy aimed to have a clear standard and uniformity in CCD admission in all parishes.

Confraternity of Christian Doctrine is an association established in Rome that goes all the way back in 1562 for the purpose of giving religious education. Its modern usage, often abbreviated CCD is a religious education program of the Roman Catholic Church, normally designed for children.

The religious education program of the diocese is for those children from kindergarten through 12th grade who attends public school, non-Catholic private school and those who are home schooled. Traditionally, CCD classes are prepares the children on the parish for the reception of the Sacraments of Holy Eucharist and Confirmation but Sr. Nina emphasized that religious education is not just for those who will receive the sacraments or for those who are seeking to understand the faith but it is for those who wish to have an encounter with Jesus Christ.

The revised policy requires a two-year preparation for the reception of the First Holy Communion and another mandatory two-year preparation for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation. It makes provision also for post-communion classes from 3rd grade through 8th grade. Post-communion classes provides a continuity in the religious education of the children from their reception of the First Holy Communion until their Pre-Con and Confirmation years. CCD Kindergarten students are highly encouraged although they will not receive the First Holy Communion at the end of the school year including those who register for CCD for the first time.


In this coming CCD school year, the diocese will also introduce the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA). The RCIA process is intended for the unbaptized adult persons (18 and above) and those who are baptized in another Christian religion. This process is also meant for adult baptized Catholics who have not yet completed their Sacrament of Initiations (Penance, First Communion and Confirmation). The RCIA process usually culminates with the celebration of the different rites of the catechumenate during the Sundays of Lent and the Easter Vigil.

We are all learners!

Since Sr. Nina took over as Director of the Office of Religious Education last year, she have set up a standard curriculum for all grade levels which made it easier for parish CCD teachers to teach. Thanks to the organized weekly and monthly lesson plan, parish CCD teachers who are all volunteers have one less burden of preparing for their classes.

For this coming school year, the Office of Religious Education wanted to continue its commitment to assist parish CCD teachers/catechists in their ministry by providing an on-going formation. “It is also our goal as a church to give priority to the on-going formation of those who received the call to the ministry of catechesis. They too are learners! We are all learners!” said Sr. Nina. Seminars on various topics will be done monthly to help provide parish catechists basic and sufficient knowledge on theology, biblical and moral issues.

CCD and RCIA classes will begin on October and registration will soon begin in all parishes. Copies of the revised diocesan policy will be published in the North Star and in the Diocesan website.

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