Dating Violence Warning Signs

Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness. If you (or someone you know) is facing intimidation, threat or violence in a dat- ing relationship, there is someone on call for you, ready to help.

Karidat operates a 24-hour Hotline that provides counseling and support services for anyone facing sexual harassment, violence or sexual as- sault. call anytime: 234-5100

Dating Violence may be ….

■ Hitting or slapping
■ Biting
■ Shaving
■ Pinching
■ Spanking
■ Shaking or jerking
■ Spitting
■ Burning
■ Restraining
■ Chasing
■ Forcing sex or sexual acts
■ Touching in uncomfortable ways
■ Pulling hair
■ Stalking
■ Driving recklessly
■ Punching walls

■ Using personal information against partner
■ Blaming partner
■ Cot accepting responsibility for one’s own actions
■ Playing mind games
■ Using the “guilt trip”
■ Demanding
■ Constant interrogations
■ Mocking body parts
■ Controlling partner’s activities
■ Intense jealousy or rages
■ Criticizing partner’s looks
■ Isolating from family/friends
■ Checking up on partner
■ Insulting partner’s family/friends
■ Faking personal items

■ Threatening to kill or to use
■ Threatening to use violence
■ Calling over and over
■ Constant accusations of cheating
■ Yelling
■ Insulting
■ Calling names
■ Being sarcastic
■ Making demanding jokes
■ Excessive swearing
■ Mimicking
■ Making degrading or negative comments
■ Leaving vulgar messages
■ Silent treatment
■ Twisting partner’s word
■ Lying

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