Christian Morality and Care for Environment

Posted by - May 21, 2017

Imagine that you and your neighbors lived along a beautiful little river that provided clean, sweet, fresh water to all of you. This river provided you with drinking water, bath water, and water to irrigate your gardens. You could even go fishing in the river. It was a beautiful river and you would often sit

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Levels of Catholic teaching

Posted by - May 13, 2017

At the parish where I help as a deacon I was assisting at the recent Easter Vigil as five catechumens came into full communion with the Church. I noticed that as part of the rite the catechumens were asked if they believe and accept the doctrines and teachings of the Catholic Church. As I listened,

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Challenges and No Excuses (Part 2)

Posted by - May 4, 2017

  How does this situation challenge you? Do you lose hope? Do you forget about the Gospel and focus your attention on your religious faction or your political leanings? Do you turn your back on those not yet born? Do you turn your back on the suffering refugee? Do you reject the Gospel because those

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Challenges and No Excuses (Part 1)

Posted by - April 29, 2017

  Imagine that you are living in first century Palestine. A few years earlier you had listened to Jesus of Nazareth preach and your heart was moved by his words. You saw him heal sick relatives and know that the power of God was at work in him. You came to believe that he was

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Island life continues even far away from the Pacific Islands

Posted by - April 23, 2017

Just because I’m living in the States now doesn’t mean that I have left island life far behind. There are many mainland communities with sizable island populations. Living in Erie there is a sizable Palauan population, though mostly our family and relatives. Fort Wayne (IN) has a good size Carolinian community, though again, mostly my

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Easter is the Real Love Story

Posted by - April 15, 2017

Elie Weisel died last July. He was an award-winning author who survived the Holocaust and spent the rest of his life reflecting on and writing about the experience. When he was just 15 years old, everyone he loved died in Nazi death camps or were murdered by soldiers in their neighborhoods. Over the next few

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Piety and Spirituality

Posted by - April 7, 2017

Recently there was a meeting of the formation team that runs the Deacon Formation Program for the Diocese of Erie. I was at the meeting, since I’m associate director of the program and coordinate the academic portion of the formation program. We were evaluating the progress of some of the candidates in the program. One

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Spiritual Malaise

Posted by - March 30, 2017

Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican Secretary of State, recently spoke at a meeting to honor the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Union. He diagnosed the state of Europe as being under the influence of a deep spiritual malaise. People have lost sight of their roots and the Christian religious heritage

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A reflection on retreats and the “Benedict option”

Posted by - March 24, 2017

I got one of those self-administered automatic blood pressure monitors for my birthday a few months ago. I had slightly elevated blood pressure for several years and my physician put me on medication for it.  Last year I lost a lot of weight and have been exercising seriously since then, so that my blood pressure

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Lent: An invitation to celebration

Posted by - March 16, 2017

After living and working in Micronesia much of the time from January 1973 through November 1997 my family and I moved to Erie, Pennsylvania.  It was an extremely difficult decision and many issues, which I won’t go into here, played into the decision to move.  Since then I have worked for the Diocese of Erie

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